Sri Pada mountain in Sri Lanka


The pilgrimage season which commenced on the full moon day of Uduwapura concludes on the full moon day of Vesak. But for a long time after Vesak, the worship of Siripa is a custom of Buddhists in this country. This is because of the belief that Siripa Note belongs to the religious leader.

Unlike today, Siripa’s journey has been very difficult in the past. It is not only the people of this country who have overcome these difficulties. Foreigners who have visited Sri Lanka have shown great enthusiasm for the journey. Many of the foreigners who have visited Sri Lanka at various points in our history have been fascinated by the travelogue of Siripa.

According to his travels, he had once heard of Robert Knox’s feet in Sri Lanka. He has stated: There are two places in Sri Lanka where the Buddha is remembered. One is a mountain. The other is a tree. During the festive season, Sri Lankans take their children with them and they come to one place and show their devotion. This sacred rock is located to the south of the mountain. They call it the butterfly mountain. It is believed that Lord Buddha descended from the sky and installed the logo on his feet.

Sinbad de Sailor sails to Sri Pada on his 6th world tour. He describes the journey as follows: “Serendib Island lies just below the equator. It has two hours of night and day. It is eighty (240) miles long and thirty leagues in length from north to south. The mountain is visible from as far away as possible, with precious minerals, including precious stones, and all kinds of spice trees.

AD Ex. Fahien Thera who arrived in Sri Lanka in the 5th century BC. Ex. 9 Ibn Battuta, who came to Sri Lanka in his time, also mentions the Sri Pada.

During the British rule, he was appointed as the Government Agent of the Sabaragamuwa Province. An Englishman named Weiss has climbed the mountain. He climbed the butterfly and spent the night there. That day was March 19, 1886. It was a full moon day in mid-month. As he states in his diary, the dawn of dawn is very clear. Also light. The Siripa courtyard was full of devotees that day. In fact, there was no room to stand that day.

According to Emerson Menet, “there is a mountain from the ground to the Great Sea of ​​the Horizon. From there, you can see the mountain to the north and east of the mountain. The rivers flow like silver-lined bows, and the sun sets over the shores of the distant horizon, indicating the boundaries of the Indian Ocean.

Sir John Steele, who has written several books on Sri Lanka, also described the mountain of Siripa in his book “Forest Flow”. He was a member of the GG Colombo. ඕ. M. It tells how he was surprised to see Siripa in the shade while he was at the hotel. He has also stated,

Among the great peaks of the Ceylon mountains is a gigantic mountain that rises like a giant. One has to dig up more than two thousand years of literature written in several languages ​​in order to put together some of the most interesting information about this great mountain. ”

AD Ex. William Skene, a British writer who traveled to Sri Lanka for the first time in 1860 and was impressed by the journey, has also written a book on Sri Pada Samanala legends, legends and historical information. .

There is no other mountain in the world better known as ADAMS PEAK or Sri Pada mountain in Sri Lanka. Many travelers and writers from the Orient, including the Indian Peninsula, have written much about this magnificent mountain, but the footprint, which is believed to be placed at the top of the ki, is devotion to Buddhists, Hindus and the great Madikas. The myths associated with it seem to have little to do with the large number of local and foreign pilgrims who climb the mountain to worship it. Likewise, the widespread notions about footprints have varied from time to time.

I have mentioned in this book many facts which have been observed and investigated in the course of the 1860s, by the curiosity of the hill climbing of Sri Pada.

William Skinning gives a full account of the journey of Siripa and describes how the sun service was viewed at the top of the mountain.

In the dark the weight of lightened and the good night gradually subsided. As the Hein faded, the star shone about 20 degrees above Mount Kirkleigh, which was 12 miles away (7871 feet). In the distance, the sun shone in the dark like a shadow of a ferry about 20 miles away and Mount Piduruthalagala. Rashmi streams spread over the valley of mountains. It is a sight that is rarely seen by the human eye


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