Rs. 24 billion for the penniless and the individuals who lost pay


The Administration will spend an amazing Rs 24 billion to give monetary help of Rs 5,000 each to repay the individuals who have lost their pay, a senior Treasury official said.

The whole incorporates Rs 9 billion should have been paid to a scope of other people who were laste week added to the rundown of recipients. The Legislature at first offered the Rs 5,000 installment for 1.8 million Samurdhi recipient families and later extended it to 600,000 families who had been set on the holding up list as Samurdhi recipients. The installments cost the administration more than Rs 12 billion.

They likewise included old people, incapacitated people and kidney patients, costing the administration another Rs 3.5 billion.

In any case, a week ago the rundown was extended by including private transport drivers, conductors, three-wheel drivers, hairdressers, independently employed people, Montessori instructors and school van drivers, among others.

In the mean time, the Administration’s instrument to appropriate alleviation to those influenced by the COVID-19 episode keeps on being hounded by allegations of lack of foresight and obtrusive political obstruction connected to the up and coming parliamentary political decision.


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