Govt. to bring 5,000 stranded Sri Lankans from world capitals


The Administration is to cut down more Sri Lankans who got stranded in different world capitals, as the furious Covid 19 pandemic constrained numerous nations to depend on outrageous measures and close their outskirts to contain the risk.

The specialists which will be answerable for this activity are the Service of Outside Issues, Service of Wellbeing, Branch of Common Aeronautics, Air terminal and Flying (Sri Lanka) Ltd and a large group of others. Almost 5,000 Lankans are to be brought down in bunches, a greater part of them understudies, Director of Air terminal and Aeronautics Administrations( Sri Lanka) Ltd Gen. G.A. Chandrasiri told our sister paper, the Day by day News yesterday.

The Outside Service, reached by the Sunday Eyewitness anyway declined to focus on a number, yet certified that plans were hatching to repatriate the individuals who have engaged returned to Sri Lanka, the greater part of them understudies stranded in South Asian goals. A senior Remote Service official stated, “the quick spotlight is on understudies in South Asia who are regarded the most defenseless.”

This follows 31 Sri Lankan understudies who have just been traveled to Sri Lanka. He said these Lankans will be brought to the nation in groups of 700-800 and their movement records would be observed carefully, regarding where they have been and who they have kept organization with, he said. A tale highlight of the activity is that there will be a preliminary Isolate burrow which will be put at the passageway of the Bandaranaike Universal Air terminal and sterilize every single approaching traveler.

The AASL Boss additionally said there will be around 200 AASL Staff sent for the treatment of these appearances which should be finished with outrageous consideration as the AASL staff would likewise be inclined to Coronavirus assaults.

In the interim a Sri Lankan representative situated in Ethiopia said there are around a thousand Sri Lankan laborers stranded in the nation. They are working for outside organizations in attire, telecom, instruction and development organizations.

“Wellbeing guidelines in Ethiopia is extremely low and social removing isn’t rehearsed,” said Sujeeva Rohantha from Addis Ababa.

“We have additionally reached the Sri Lankan international safe haven yet have not gotten any positive reactions.”

“We bid to the Si Lankan Government to bring us home.”

A gathering of understudies in Belarus have additionally mentioned to return home since they accept the circumstance there could deteriorate with no exacting guidelines to contain the infection rehearsed by the individuals. There are 850 Sri Lankan understudies living in the Republic of Belarus, some of them clinical understudies with Vitebsk State Clinical College, Grodno State Clinical College and Gomel State Clinical College.


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